Friday, June 13, 2008

A Blast From The Past!

I got an email from an old friend today. And while I call him a friend frankly the relationship was much less at the time. Just under 20 years ago he interned for me. I doubt I have seen him since. I certainly had not heard from him in years and had done nothing much on my end to keep the connection. So, how did I feel when I saw his name on my email? Good. I know many of you are sitting out there right now looking at old address books and email lists wondering if you shoud, could make contact. What stops us most of the time? Insecurity. Does this person want to hear from me? Will he think I want something? Will she even remember me? Why hasn't he contacted me, did I do something? What would I say? And on and on and on. Surprise yourself and don't wait until you send out your Christmas cards. Make a call, send an email, mail a postcard. As long as you are not looking for money, it is heartwarming to know that anyone remembers me and wants me to know they are thinking about me. Your old friends, acquaintances and yes, even lovers, will feel the same. Find that X. Now you are really reaching out.


Mike Wagner said...

Good point.

We all long to matter and to be remembered.

Plus, there is built into us a strong desire to connect...and reconnect.

I'm like you. I'd feel "good" if "a blast from the past" showed up in my Inbox.

Keep creating...a story worth telling,

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am always surprised when I reconnect with an old friend how within minutes it feels like no time at all has passed.

Here is a good story of a little note that made a big difference. A friend of mine passed away shortly after high school. About 4 years ago on a whim I decided to mail his parents a note saying that I thought of their son often and what a great person and friend he was.

Last fall my sister ran into his mother and she pulled the(very crumpled) note out of her purse!! She had been carrying it with her for 3 years because it meant so much to her. She was so happy to see my sister because she had lost the envelope and never knew how to find me to tell me so!

My 3 minutes of effort did more good than I ever could have imagined :)

Kristin said...

Anonymous - Beautiful story that clearly shows how one person's whim can mean so much to someone else.

I am consistently amazed when I get in touch with high school classmates at how nice it is to touchbase! As for the X, not so sure!