Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nonverbal Intelligence

There is liking what you do and then there is having the nonverbal intelligence to show it.Michelle Obama's popularity is on the rise. How is that happening? One trait is her ability to demonstrate that she is enjoying the different life roles she has committed to. Her big smile, open posture, easy movement, eye contact, and touch all send messages to the world that say, I like being First Lady, being a mom is cool, life is good as Barack's wife. My guess is that she presets herself very much the same way as a lawyer, hostess and carpool organizer. To appear unburdened by life is an attractive trait. It is an especially useful nonverbal strategy if much of your contact with people is them observing you. Consider your day. How many people at work do you interact with verbally compared to those who you just walk by or those who see you sitting at your desk. What conclusion do others draw from your nonverbal behavior?


Katherine said...

TZ -- as always your comments are amazing. But -- does she seem unburdened by life or always able to hand whatever life gives her...and is it the same thing?

sushil said...

non verbal comunication show above is a very effective way of communicating .It functions as a complement while talking to others and also using the hands plus facial expression while talking gives examples which makes the understanding very easy so it is important using non verbal communication.

sushil said...

Non verbal communication has various forms like
1.Eye contact
2.gesture and postures
3.Facial expressions
4.Appearance of people
and many more.
so we have to make these all source so efficient so that while communicating with others we can make others understand while in a single talk.
thank you