Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Makes Outrageous People Acceptable?

What makes outrageous people acceptable? Energy. Individuals with high energy are not only welcome in most environments, but they are sought out. We all know that energetic individuals easily draw people into their circle. They are described as fun, crazy, something else, train wrecks, go-getters, barn stormers, and such.

A good reference phrase is ‘high energy’. We like to hire people with high energy believing they will expend some of that vigor at the workplace. Out of the office and on a social level, high energy people allow the rest of us to be lazy. These people hold up their end of the conversation and yours. They will pick the restaurant when six friends are standing on a street corner vacillating. They are generally problem solvers because they are pained by watching paint dry, which is what life feels like to them much of the time. It is a conundrum that we get frustrated and are prone to criticize these people who we crave to be around. Sometimes we get tired just watching them. On some days we don’t want someone else to choose our food or insist that we invest in Chinese poultry factories because they stayed up all night investigating the next big place to put your money. On the other hand, our high energy friends are the ones who save a dying dinner party, stay up all night holding our hand, rescue our kids and aging parents when we are otherwise indisposed, dress up when we tell them to and wear a costume just because.

Let’s celebrate all of our outrageous, outlandish, ridiculous, bizarre, peculiar, weird, eccentric, zany, passionate and fanatical friends. Energy is a powerful force. Be happy they share theirs with you. Some say that energy is the most attractive thing about a person. Share with us how you show your energy, your pet peeve, and verbal or nonverbal behavior of someone who screams ‘my battery is dying’. Come on, I need some examples for my upcoming speech.

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