Friday, July 30, 2010

Communication is Communication: Night or day

Did you hear? President Obama appeared on The View yesterday. Now people are weighing in on whether the President made the right decision to appear in this type of format. What a hoot – this is just an attempt to discredit his appearance by snooty mainstream media and Rosie O’Donnell worried about their coveted lock on the President’s public appearances.

Mr. Obama does not need to speak to the nation through CNN, FOX, MSNBC or Larry King. Communication is communication at night or during daytime. And there is no denying he is a master. It is not like he showed up at the “Bunny Ranch.” Leaders need to adapt to tools at hand to elucidate their policies and personalities to the American Public. The President has been criticized lately for his demeanor during formal press conferences, so the Administration is getting creative, exploring alternative media sources and trying to gain back some of his likeability. I suggest the naysayers do the same – adapt.


Fred E. Miller said...

Good points here, Theresa!

Our president is a master communicator.

He speaks clearly and concisely about extremely complex issues.

Just as his appearances on late night entertainment shows, being a guest on The View helped to 'humanize' him for many.

For those who didn't like it, they probably don't like anything he does!

Thanks for the Post!

Theresa Zagnoli said...

@Fred - Thanks for the comment.

Agree, some people will criticize him no matter what he does. He is in a no win situation with those.

From a communication perspective, I see no harm in expanding your platform, increasing your likeability and reaching out to a greater audience via new mediums.