Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Article on Gender Roles in Business

Once again, I am honored to be quoted in new article on MSN about gender roles in business.

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However, I take issue with a fellow contributor's quote. Mr. Flett's advice not to flirt may or may not be sound advice. I am, however, anxious to pick up his book to determine whether he gives men the same advice. In nearly 30 years as a professional businesswoman, the only businessman I've seen who doesn't flirt is a dead one. I'll be investigating this further and will follow-up with you; I also may decide to take the dialogue to Twitter.


So, I decided to take my concern about Mr. Flett's advice to Twitter. Here's our exchange:

From me (@tzagnoli) to @ghostceo:
"Fellow contributor on MSN's gender story, but I take issue w/ your quote. Couldn't find comment area, so thought I'd tweet u. .... Your advice not to flirt may or may not be sound advice. I haven't read your book (yet!), but do you give men the same advice?"

From @ghostceo to me:
"I do. The double edged sword can do it and be laughed off as dorks; women are considered slutty. Unfair? Yes."

From me to @ghostceo:
"So let's don't perpetuate the divide. Let's give the girls/women some rules. Slutty clothes - no. Flowing hair - no. Come hither nonverbals - no. A smile, a well placed wink, compliment, pout - maybe. I am sure you could do much better than this short list. It is easier to teach someone how to do something then to tell them to stop, knowing the advice will get ignored way too often. Yes?"

Still waiting on his response, but what say you? Do you think flirting is acceptable in for men and women ... if so, by who and when?

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