Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Five Steps to Becoming More Likeable

In our previous posts on likeability, we discussed that likeability is truly at the root of personal and professional success and what factors influenced likeability. With that background, let's outline a few things you can do to increase your chances of being liked:

  1. Generate optimism by describing challenges rather than stating problems. Spotlight what can be done instead of what can’t be done. Optimistic, passionate leaders generate more excitement and foster a “can-do” mentality. Who would you rather work with – someone genuinely excited about their work and shows it or a negative, moody individual who acts like they would rather be anywhere else?

  2. Exert friendliness and sincere facial expressions. Research suggests that facial expressions account for more than half of likeability, so a sparkling but genuine smile can go a long way here. A smile should be more than just showing your sparkling whites; a genuine smile spreads to your eyes. A warm handshake can also promote friendliness and can start an interaction on the right path.

  3. Look for humor even in tense situations. As the old adage goes ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and it seems in terms of improving likeability, laughter can truly medicate. We love those who laugh with us – it can quickly promote trust and establish rapport between others.

  4. Acknowledge others and celebrate successes whenever possible and communicate gratitude privately, publicly and in writing. Send a personal thank-you, whenever you get the chance – it goes a long way. Ensure you are sharing in other’s victories by adding to the celebration.

  5. Show you’re interested in things that are important to others. Take an active role in inquiring how someone’s holidays were and listen to their response. Most people love to engage in conversation about their kids, hobbies – the things that make them happy. Show your interest and they will respond to you.

What say you? Do you believe others find you likeable? What tips have worked for you at increasing your likeability?

Guest Post By: Kristin Fitzgerald

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