Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiger Moves On

I am pleased that Tiger is going back to work. It is a positive message. It is what the rest of us would have to do if we were in a similar situation. You mess up and then you get up, put a smile on your face and meet the day. Why wouldn't he return to work? Talk about sending the wrong message. Only the privileged can stay home for more than a day or two licking their wounds or finding themselves. Abused women show up for work everyday with black eyes and cracked ribs. The message they send to their friends and families is that life goes on and you can depend on me. Cheating husbands who have stayed up all night denying, denying and denying some more, still have to put that tie on and deal with customers, bosses and spreadsheets. The message they send is that a person has many different responsibilities in life. All must be met. The only reason to discuss Tiger’s actions is to ponder what we can learn and not to judge a person whose shoes we do not stand it.

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Craig said...

Also interesting to note is the way Nike moved on. They didn't stop airing commercials and drop sponsorship. They put together a powerful campaign using his fathers voice. It was incredible and brilliant! They know that Tiger is still going to be a golf legend when this is all over and they were careful and strategic in their response.