Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Knock Someone's Socks Off!

Combine energy with a smile and you get a magic personality. I had the benefit of working with a woman last week who knocked my socks off. Not because she was smart. Maybe she was, maybe she’s not. I have no idea if we share common interests. Don’t really know much about her at all. In four days, I only spoke to her a handful of times. What I did get to do is watch her. Nonverbally, (let’s call her L) L twinkled. Yes, I said twinkled. She had so much positive energy that men and women were naturally drawn to her. Kind of like a bug to one of those bug lights. Okay, so not like that. This quality is difficult to describe. On the face, it looks like a person who is meeting an old friend, or is opening birthday presents, or watching a toddler on a pony ride. There is generosity, warmth, surprise and curiosity. And movement, lots of movement. The body moves, hands move, legs, posture, feet ever shifting; not frenetically, but with interest and excitement. Hand gestures, lots of touching, and comfortable within her body.

So maybe this is not your style. But to make yourself just a little more likeable, show your energy in your own way. If you have a good voice, keep your hands away from your face, look people in the eye and speak to show your energy. If all you can muster is a smile, make it big and constant. Lean forward, use gestures, stand up, hug, wink, walk. Think Barney the big purple dinosaur. There is a reason he smiles, dances and waves his arms around. Energy is a magnet at any age. It was nice to meet you L.

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