Monday, June 28, 2010

Color Me Jaded

There were a lot of very happy people in Atlanta Saturday at the Oprah “Your Own Show” auditions. Personally, I am not sure I want to turn on my TV and see someone that cheerful telling me how miserable my life is and how happy theirs is.

Each audition group had ten people vying for their own show in pitches of around 45 seconds each. In my group, I had a convicted felon who was just as pleased as he could be with the idea that he had a story to tell, a woman who was going to show us all how to be spiritual and a young man who by the sheer force of his personality would cheer all of us older energy less into a state of bliss. One woman was even going to teach us how to stay married by teaching the women how to cook and the men how to be handy and both to have good whoopee. As I said, color me jaded. More to come on my audition adventures later.

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