Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'My Own Show' Idea Goes Online - Need Your Votes, Votes, Votes.

As you saw in my previous post, I went to Atlanta this weekend to audition for Oprah's Your Own Show contest. After seeing my perky and cheerful competition, I decided to join the other 9,000 hopefuls online by throwing my hat into the ring and uploading a video pitching my show idea. Click the link, watch the video (or don't) and send a few votes my way!

Here is my concept:

If you could get rid of one of life’s crippling habits, wouldn’t you? Poor communication is at the root of most of life’s failures: 80% of relationship failures, 95% of job discontent and 65% of emotional problems in children. Yet, we cannot NOT communicate. Every person at every minute of every day is communicating. Even when you are sleeping you are communicating! Research tells us that we are only 50% correct in knowing our own image. Said another way, you can’t be sure what you meant to communicate is really what is being picked up…HALF the time! Why leave life to chance?

My show would raise awareness of mediocre communication and help people improve what they say and how they say it to become more confident, more successful and more effective in all aspects of their lives. I’m funny; I’m brutally honest and armed with communication strategy. Watch the famous, the infamous and the ordinary folk solve their communication conundrums…for life.

I will blog more on my communication observations from this experience, but until then ... keep voting!

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When you get rich and famous and you need a PR firm again, the door is always open.

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