Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Onward to 2011!!

Hello Readers!! My apologies for the lengthy delay in posts – ZMF ended 2010 with a bang, which translated into more work and less time to blog. But 2011 is upon us and I have big aspirations to post more frequently!

Before we dive into our first blog of 2011, I thought we’d take a quick look back at my favorite and the most viewed posts of 2010 (as we did for

Why Everyone Needs Communication Coaching

Good Communication Does Exist

As many of you know, I am also on Twitter. I know many of you don’t have time for another social media website, so I’ve asked a colleague to post regular updates on my blog to share some of my tweets. By highlighting the best tweets of the week, you will be able to read about new research, interesting links, blogs I’ve found interesting without having to dive into Twitter.

As for this blog, we’ve got big things planned in 2011 and I’m aspiring to a post a week this year (with help from colleagues), so I hope you will stay tuned!

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